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Top 10 Ways to Making Money with Pokémon Go

Make money with pokemon go

I’m a proud and successful CPAlead publisher and I would like to share the top 10 ways to earn money with Pokemon Go.

1. Create Niches and have others promote them
Use networks like CPAlead to create niches and have others promote your content bringing you in a 15% commission for all earning the promoting person makes!
For an example of a niche check out this link: https://fastfilez.com/9T1c

2. Use CPA Networks like CPAlead to lock Content
CPAlead allows you to lock pages and content, this allows the users to fill out a survey or install an app on there phone to get access to your content making you money, you can make a simple guide on how to play the game and promote your page all over social media and start making income from them. Just remember that ads from France are not allowed on these types of lockers.

3. Snacks and Drinks
While people are always out looking for Pokémon why not set up a small stand and sells cans of drinks and packets of chips!

4. Battery Banks
We all know how quick the game drains your battery on your phone so get your hands on some power banks or a generator and start charging people a small fee to charge there phone to keep them playing.

5. Drop a lure somewhere your going to set up shop
As said in No 1 & No 2, You can sell snacks and drinks and charge peoples phones but why not make it supper effective by setting up shop right at a pokestop and putting on a lure, i know of a few spots with 3/4 pokestops right next to each other and there are people there 24/7 all these people would be potential income!

6. Drive Players Around
Not the best idea but if people want to hack eggs or go to new locations you could always charge then a fee to take them around just like a taxi!

7. Sell custom made Pokémon figures or custom made items.
If you have lots of time on your hands why not find some cheap Pokémon gear or make some and sell it at a popular spot could always use the lure to attract people to the spot your selling the items

8. Offering Pokémon Go Cheating
Create online cheats to help other Pokemon players reach their goals quicker.

9. Offer hints and tips
Create an Ebook on how you catch Pokémon how you level quick an all round tips and tricks to making you one of the best players out there.

10. Selling accounts and rare Pokémon
If you really wanted you could sell your accounts to other people i have seen accounts going on Ebay for over $9000 for a level 24 account!

This guest post was provided by a proud CPAlead publisher.

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