Update: Improved Earnings & Thanks From CPAlead

We here at CPAlead want to thank our loyal publishers and trusted business partners for being patient with us this month.

As you may know, we’ve taken some dramatic steps this month towards improving the quality of our network with a clear focus on increasing earnings for our publishers and delivering excellence to our advertising partners.

Throughout the month of May, many of you may have seen some major changes as we took steps to ensure the security of our network was at its highest. This may have resulted in some temporary inconveniences that stemmed from strict volume measurements, account reviews and more. While this may have presented a slowdown to some of you, it is resulting in a sharp increase to our EPC’s and the introduction of better, higher-quality offers.

We want you to know that this sort of thing also causes some temporary discomfort to us as a network, but also know that we are happy to make sacrifices today if it means a better experience and better earnings for our publishers tomorrow. We’re committed to completing this process by the end of May and have already begun to see some strong positive changes. For those of you who have been unaffected thus far, rest assured that the only change you will see is an increase in your earning power.

In close, we thank you for your patience through this matter and invite you to join us in enjoying the benefits!


Your friends at CPAlead

Update: BIG Changes @ CPAlead Bring in BIG Earnings!

Dear CPAlead users,

Over the past few days we have made some very big changes to CPAlead in order to better serve our publishers. We want to thank all of you for being patient with us as we’ve made our upgrades over the last few days and apologize for any and all inconveniences. We think your earnings will help make amends for any issues and we truly appreciate your support.

Now that all of the “big” stuff is thankfully out of the way, we’re anxious for you to start seeing the results pour in! Here are just a few of the changes we’ve been working on:

Server Upgrades

We’ve been looking forward to this one particular change for a while and as of today, CPAlead is proud to say that we’ve upgraded all of our servers and now are able to deliver blazing fast solutions to each and every publisher using state-of-the-art technology. These server upgrades will ensure that as all of us continue to grow, our earnings will grow in tandem!

Content Locker Changes

We tried to keep it subtle so as not to interrupt or change the user experience and we hope that we did just that. The Content Locker is slowly being rolled out with new aesthetics, full international character support and faster loading times.

Offer Sorting

We’ve been hard at work analyzing and improving our algorithm. When it’s all said and done our new changes should help you pull in an additional 15% in revenue.


We’ve also made changes that are now fully in place which ensure that you capture all of your mobile users. The Content Locker has been optimized for use with mobile and is compatible with all of the latest technologies (Did you know that most content lockers in the market lose out on an estimated 25% of mobile user traffic?)

Offer Selection

Yes! We’re making changes here too. We are increasing the number of verticals we’re focusing on and asking you, our publishers, to let us know exactly what offers you’re looking for. We have more to follow on this front but if you see an offer you want, tell us and we’ll match or BEAT it!


The bread and butter of our labors over the last little while have revolved around sorting and tracking. We’re pleased to say that tracking was in a great place before but we’ve tested, tested and re-tested to ensure that our publishers capture every lead.


There’s a lot more on the way in the next few weeks but none of it will cause any inconveniences. We’re anxious to reach a point where we’ve rolled out all of our changes and everyone is happily enjoying the benefits.

Thank you all so much and happy earnings!

- The CPAlead Team

Announcement: Introducing Milind G

Hello Everyone,

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our newest Account Manager: Milind G!

Milind has had a very successful career in the online marketing space where he has worked as both a publisher and business owner. Today, he wants to take on the new and exciting challenge of being an Account Manager who can help others do the same.

Milind is very proud to be a member of the CPAlead family and equally eager to start helping guide CPAlead publishers. Please give him a warm welcome and contact him at [email protected] or on Skype: milind.gupta26

We also want to say hello from Justin & John to all of their publishers!

Happy earnings!

The CPAlead Team

Update: What happened to the CPAlead Chat?

The CPAlead chat feature has been gone for some time now and a lot of people are still wondering why. Honestly, we realize that the explanation may be a bit overdue but it’s better late than never.

Why did we remove the chat feature? We did this to protect our publisher base. Having the chat around wasn’t difficult to maintain as it took care of itself, it didn’t cost CPAlead anything and we loved it for a very long time.

However, it is nearly impossible for us to keep 100% of the bad apples out in cyberspace from registering as a publisher and eventually that leads to having someone getting in to monitor our chat channels.

Being monitored in chat not only exposes a publisher’s discussions about earnings, it also exposes their marketing strategies, technological strategies and much more. We initially removed chat as a test to see whether it would make any difference and realized in a very short period of time that there was a major change. By eliminating our chat, we were able to protect vital information belonging to our publishers which is a top priority to us.

Today, we’re pleased to say that our publishers are safer and better positioned to enjoy all of the benefits that CPAlead has to offer which include industry leading EPC’s.

We want to thank you for your continued support and remind you that we’re always looking out for your best interests!

All the very best,


Announcement: Important Notice To All from CPAlead

Dear Affiliate Marketers,

In light of recent events within the Content Locking space, we here at CPAlead have decided to run a special promotion in hopes of helping those publishers who have suffered some losses an opportunity to boost their earnings dramatically and get back on track.

As such, we are offering all new publishers or anyone who has not worked with CPAlead in the past 90 days or more, a full month where all earnings will receive a 10% bonus! For those who have not worked with CPAlead in 30 days or more, we are offering a full month whereby earnings will be boosted by 5%.

At CPAlead, we’ve worked hard and diligently not only to establish but maintain our position as leaders in the space. We have never failed to pay a single one of our publishers in our 7 years of business, we are the only content locking company that has proven our business’ health and prosperity by being named to the Inc. 500 list (twice consecutively) where we were recognized as one of the Top 3 fastest growing Marketing & Advertising firms in the entire nation (U.S.A). Suffice to say, we recognize the importance of communicating with our publisher base, but believe that our publishers deserve more than a company that simply makes claims to support their image, we believe in submitting ourselves to the judgment and analysis of recognized 3rd parties. Above all, we believe in building our reputation by delivering.

These are some of the reasons why our publishers enjoy offers from advertisers that work, exclusively, with CPAlead and cannot be found elsewhere. Our approach and commitment to doing business with our valued advertising partners is the exact same as that with our publishers.

So whether you’ve worked with CPAlead in the past or not, we ask that you to give us a try and experience the difference for yourselves. We’ve certainly been around for a while but we have recreated ourselves internally over the last few years and the results speak for themselves. If you have content to monetize, no matter what your traffic source is (unique content, social media, blogging or anything else) chances are, we can help you turn it into revenue.

Note: In addition, we realize that some of you may have split your traffic among our network and others, so for those willing to consolidate their business with CPAlead, we are offering a 5% bonus which will be applied to any and all business that surpasses your previous 30 day total. For more information, contact one of our friendly Account Managers who are always happy to help.

In closing, we want everyone to know that we promise to continue doing right by the most important part of CPAlead – you, our publishers!

So wherever you choose to do your business, on behalf of our entire family here at CPAlead, I wish you all success.


Peter Tarr, Chief Executive Officer, CPAlead

Peter Tarr, Chief Executive Officer, CPAlead

Update: Double Your Referral Earnings for Two More Weeks!

On January 14th, we kicked off our promotion to double publishers’ commissions for all new referrals and so far we’ve had hundreds of new signups! 

So first of all, welcome to our newest members! And to those that referred you, we hope you’re enjoying earning 10% of everything your new referrals make. We’d also like to remind you about what else you can possibly earn during this promotion:

  • If your new referrals (all combined) earn more than $10,000 you will receive your commission PLUS a $250 gift card of your choice!

  • Be one of the first two publishers to refer new business of $25,000 or more in earnings and receive the following prize package valued at over $6,000!

    • $2,500 in referral commission!

    • A $250 Gift Card

    • A high-end Apple iMac

    Start reaching out and spreading the word today! This promotion ends on February 14th!

    Keep in mind that CPAlead has never missed a single payment in 7 years in the Content Locking business, so you can feel confident referring new users and increase your revenue at the same time!

    Best of luck and thanks for earning with us!

    - The CPAlead Team

Update: HUGE Announcement from CPAlead!

After giving away hundreds of prizes during our holiday promotion, we have a very big announcement to make that may very well generate thousands of dollars in earnings for you:

We’re ramping up our referral program starting today!

  • For all new referrals, publishers will receive 10% of their earnings for the next month (until February 14th).
  • If your new referrals (all combined) earn more than $10,000 in a given month you will receive your commissionPLUSa $250 gift card of your choice (So for $10,000 in referrals during this period, you would receive $1,250 in value!)
  • Be one of the first two publishers to refer new business of $25,000 or more and earnings and receive the following:

1. Your commission! (so for this promotion that would be $2,500)

2. A $250 Gift Card

3. A high end Apple iMac (valued at approximately $3,500)

Total value: Over $6,000!

Start spreading the word, if we get enough people competing – we may just give away another high end sports car like the Maserati we drew for in 2011!

And remember, we have the largest inventory of offers among all Content Locking businesses. We’ve never missed a single payment in 7 years of business and we accept all types of traffic from games to social to media and more. Get started today!

Move fast and be among the top prize earners!

- The CPAlead Team

Update: CPAlead Gives Away Hundreds of Prizes – Biggest Yet to Come?!

Thank you all for participating in our holiday promotion. For those of you who qualified for prizes, we are currently sending them out and they should arrive soon.

As a result of the promotion we held, we were able to give away hundreds of prizes and many publishers will be receiving an iPhone 5, a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, or an iPad 3!

We ask that everyone stay tuned for a very big announcement that will be coming over the next few days. CPAlead is going to be starting a promotional campaign that will boost publisher earnings exponentially while giving away thousands of dollars in prizes and potentially giving one lucky publisher the chance to win the biggest prize ever from CPAlead!

When we say “ever”, that includes 2011 when one lucky publisher walked away with a new Maserati after we held a live (private) performance by Chamillionaire. So stay tuned!

Announcement: Payoneer Local Bank Transfer Service Holiday Promotion!

We are happy to announce that all Payoneer local bank transfers are now just $2.99*! And as a special promotion for CPALead Affiliates, we are waiving the transfer fee until January 15th, 2013!

CPALead Affiliates can now receive payments directly to their bank accounts with Payoneer’s Local Bank Transfer Service and join millions of publishers and affiliates who are already receiving payments from Payoneer.

  • Speedy: Funds transferred within 1 to 3 business days.

  • Cost-effective: Reduce costs by taking advantage of Payoneer’s global banking network.

  • No monthly fees or maintenance charges.

  • Secure: Backed by Payoneer’s industry leading security and safety standards.

Transfers are just $2.99 for transfers in local currency*. Please click here for the fee details.

Wire transfer service is also available in over 200 countries and 40 currencies! And fee ranges between $9.95 to $19.95.

We are looking forward to supporting your business with enhanced service and competitive prices!

Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card Holiday Promotion

This Holiday season receive a payment onto your Payoneer Prepaid Debit card for free!

As a special promotion for CPALead affiliates we will refund* the load fee to all the affiliates who receive payments** on the card from December 15th, 2012 to January 15th, 2013.


* Refunds will be initiated end of the promotion period.

** For payments for $300 or more

Announcement: CPAlead is giving away iPhones, iPads, and more!

STARTING TODAY, just in time for the holidays, CPAlead will be giving away iPhone 5’s, iPad 3’s, and Samsung Galaxy Tablets!

Simply generate $5000 in revenue between now and late November 2012 (Thanksgiving weekend, the 24th) and you can choose between an iPhone 5, an iPad 3, or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. We wanted to get a jump on things with the Holiday season quickly approaching and launch a great promotion as a thanks to our valued publishers!

New to CPAlead? Simply sign up, give us a name, an address, and info on where to send your prize & payment once you’ve met the criteria. That’s it and that’s all!

(We support all available methods of payment)

Best of luck to all,

The CPAlead Team