New Marketplace and Custom HTML CPA Landers

We are proud to announce our new Landing Page creator! Use any HTML from any Landing Page or Webpage you want and we’ll even host it for free!

Add plugins to your lander such as testimonials, virus scanners, image galleries, and more!

Don’t have a lander? Use our in-house lander or get a custom one from our marketplace!

We’re hard at work every day reinvesting our resources back into CPAlead. This is our way of saying thank you for your loyal business.

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CPAlead Gives You More In 2014

On behalf of all of the staff at CPAlead, we want to wish you a Very Happy New Year! 2013 was great for us and as a result, we’re heading into 2014 able to give you more than ever before.

Some of the highlights to start 2014 include the following:

Weekly Quick Pay is available for all publishers.
The CPAlead Rewards program that earns you points with every dollar you generate. You can redeem these points for prizes like iPad minis, Beats By Dre Headphones, Cash or even a VIP trip for two to Las Vegas with the keys to a Lamborghini for 24 hours!

New Exclusive Offers, CPAlead is the only network with exclusive rates around the world, including France where our PIN submits have hit over $50 this year and the U.S where we hold exclusive offers not found elsewhere.
Fully Customizable, easy to use File Lockers & Link lockers for all who are looking to run PPD campaigns.
A new help ticket system so that you can receive help from a LIVE Account Manager OR submit a ticket, whatever you find most convenient.
More Payment types: Wire, Paypal, Payoneer, ACH, Western Union & more! If you want it, we have it.
A fully optimized mobile content locker that detects mobile smartphone users and takes action.
A slider tool and new banner tool for all non incent CPA or display users
Fully redesigned user dashboard


No other network delivers a fraction of the features that CPAlead does and no other network can earn you as much money for your traffic. Try us and let us prove it to you!


Title aside, the truth is that we’re writing you this because we want YOU to return and we’ll tell you why we think you should.

We know you haven’t run with us for a while and we want you to know what’s different at today’s CPAlead vs when you were last an active member. So what’s different? Our ownership and management team have changed dramatically for the better.

Today’s CPAlead is 100% focused on what we can do for the affiliate and we’ve come up with a lot of things that you’ll love. In short, we’ve rebuilt ourselves from top to bottom with 1 focus in mind, YOU the affiliate. Here are some highlights about today’s CPAlead

CPAlead boasts the highest payouts in the industry, don’t take our word though, ask around:

We’re wildly popular with affiliates again and welcome you to take a look on the forums! There’s a big buzz surrounding our offers and the fact that we pay MORE (and EARN you more) than all of the other Content Locking networks out there. From U.S.A to France to New Zealand and everything in between, we not only pay more but access exclusive offers. When the entire industry lost their Australian offers, CPAlead never lost a single one. While the industry looks on, CPAlead users are hitting $35.00 mobile pin submits in France. We’re delivering a laundry list of great offers in the U.S.A and have even started offering Pin Submits (yes, they’re slowly coming back in the U.S.A but only with CPAlead). We could go on but you get the idea.

New Technologies geared at helping you earn more:

Have you seen our entirely new dashboard? Complete with every feature you could ever dream of to help you organize and implement all of our tools, offers and customization features (see video below).

How about our new File & Link lockers? When compared to other networks, our fully customizable landing pages generate much higher Conversion Rates, which mean more money for you the affiliate (see video #2)

The Only 100% Mobile Optimized Content Locker:

Did you know that the average affiliate has approximately 12%-15% of their traffic come in from mobile smartphones? Unfortunately, others direct you to their basic web content locker which doesn’t load properly and looks broken or oddly stretched to users.

CPAlead is 100% optimized for mobile visitors and automatically detects them as they come in. We not only have our Mobile Locker appear but we also have ads that are optimized to mobile users. That means that instead of burning 12%-15% of your traffic as you would

With other networks, you’re turning it into revenue at CPAlead. (See image)

#1 In International Coverage:

CPAlead is at the top another category with international coverage. Why let your users from around the world hit a dead page? CPAlead has offers to cover everything from U.S.A to Australia right down to Iraq, Kenya, Singapore, Iceland and more. Other networks serve up a blank page or filler. At CPAlead, every single impression is your potential revenue and that’s not something we’ll let go to waste. Better coverage equals better earnings and CPAlead coverage is by long and far the best online.

Customer Service & Support:

We had a lot of great feedback in the past but we were far from where we are today. Our entire team is skilled, helpful and very friendly. Affiliates are our partners and we want to work together with you the way that partners should.

Your needs are our #1 priority, we’ll help you get setup and figure out the best way to generate unheard of revenues.

The Ultimate Comparison To “Other” Networks:

We could go on forever about our new features and explain all of the ways that we’re different but summing it up is probably best. To do so, we’ll say this: If you try CPAlead and we aren’t able to out perform every single other Content Locking business there is, then its plain and simple that we don’t deserve your business at all – we say that and we mean it, we’re that confident and want you to see it for yourself. All we can ask is that you try it out and rather than talk about it, we’ll prove it to you. From the moment you join to each and every big payday, CPAlead is going to show you what we’re all about.

Try us out, even for a day and let us prove what today’s NEW CPAlead is all about.


Check out our new Dashboard and Tools in these awesome videos:

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Hoping to hear from you soon,

The CPAlead Team!

Go Viral with our NEW File & Link Lockers – NEW RELEASE!

100% Fully Customizable DL Pages with tons of HIGH converting themes

A built in Virus Scanner notice to provide users with greater confidence.

Exclusive Offers and payouts that NO other network CAN match

Sorry to all the others out there, we’ve been around a long time and locking in exclusive agreements with advertisers from years ago gives CPAlead publishers a huge advantage. Plus we just boosted ALL affiliate earnings by a bonus 6%+.

Tons of features:

Cover Images for your locked content, A Built In Virus Scanner notice, Custom CSS Designs, Templates and more so your conversions will soar. We also have a marketplace of support ready to get you VIRAL overnight.

No worrying about losing leads or slow loading times which you might find elsewhere. The Link Locker & File Locker are built using the latest cutting edge technology: CSS3, HTML5, jQuery so your users will have an a smooth transition into monetization.

What kind of traffic do we allow?

We’re very flexible and are able to monetize all traffic with these tools -excluding illegal fraud leads and adult (or related) content-

Give it a shot, we’ll CRUSH any other results you might have seen!

Login to your dashboard and check it out now!

CPAlead Announces File Lockers and Link Lockers

100% Fully Customizable DL Pages with tons of HIGH converting themes
(A built in Virus Scanner notice to provide users with greater confidence)

Exclusive Offers and payouts that NO other network CAN match
(sorry everyone else, having locked in exclusive agreements with advertisers from years ago when no one else was around gives all CPAlead publishers a huge advantage. Plus we just boosted ALL affiliate earnings by a bonus 6% on top of everything else :D)

Tons of features: A Built In Virus Scanners, Custom CSS Designs, Templates and a marketplace of support ready to get you VIRAL overnight.

(No worrying about losing leads or slow loading times which you might find elsewhere. The Link Locker & File Locker are built using the latest cutting edge technology: CSS3, HTML 5, Jquery so your users will have an the best experience

Give us a shot and let us PROVE what we can do for your earnings rather than talk about it. All we can ask is that you test us and see for yourself! Its on us to make sure you get amazing results!!

(We’re here with support anytime you need us, from campaign optimizing to payments support)

The All New CPAlead!

We’ve got some really great news for you. As of today, an all NEW CPAlead has been released!

What’s new?
An all new homepage
A completely new publisher dashboard complete with lotto earning bonuses, games, a new design, hidden prizes, games and more.
A new CHAT FOR EVERYONE (yes, chat is back!)

What else?
We’ve added over 300+ offers from exclusive agreements with our various advertisers. CPAlead is the only Content Locking network that holds long standing exclusive agreements like these and you won’t find the same offers or pay anywhere else.

Want to see what we’re talking about?

Watch this video

Better yet, login to your CPAlead account today!

(All account numbers, login credentials and details are the same)

Welcome To The Golden Days,
Your friends at CPAlead

Update: Improved Earnings & Thanks From CPAlead

We here at CPAlead want to thank our loyal publishers and trusted business partners for being patient with us this month.

As you may know, we’ve taken some dramatic steps this month towards improving the quality of our network with a clear focus on increasing earnings for our publishers and delivering excellence to our advertising partners.

Throughout the month of May, many of you may have seen some major changes as we took steps to ensure the security of our network was at its highest. This may have resulted in some temporary inconveniences that stemmed from strict volume measurements, account reviews and more. While this may have presented a slowdown to some of you, it is resulting in a sharp increase to our EPC’s and the introduction of better, higher-quality offers.

We want you to know that this sort of thing also causes some temporary discomfort to us as a network, but also know that we are happy to make sacrifices today if it means a better experience and better earnings for our publishers tomorrow. We’re committed to completing this process by the end of May and have already begun to see some strong positive changes. For those of you who have been unaffected thus far, rest assured that the only change you will see is an increase in your earning power.

In close, we thank you for your patience through this matter and invite you to join us in enjoying the benefits!


Your friends at CPAlead

Update: BIG Changes @ CPAlead Bring in BIG Earnings!

Dear CPAlead users,

Over the past few days we have made some very big changes to CPAlead in order to better serve our publishers. We want to thank all of you for being patient with us as we’ve made our upgrades over the last few days and apologize for any and all inconveniences. We think your earnings will help make amends for any issues and we truly appreciate your support.

Now that all of the “big” stuff is thankfully out of the way, we’re anxious for you to start seeing the results pour in! Here are just a few of the changes we’ve been working on:

Server Upgrades

We’ve been looking forward to this one particular change for a while and as of today, CPAlead is proud to say that we’ve upgraded all of our servers and now are able to deliver blazing fast solutions to each and every publisher using state-of-the-art technology. These server upgrades will ensure that as all of us continue to grow, our earnings will grow in tandem!

Content Locker Changes

We tried to keep it subtle so as not to interrupt or change the user experience and we hope that we did just that. The Content Locker is slowly being rolled out with new aesthetics, full international character support and faster loading times.

Offer Sorting

We’ve been hard at work analyzing and improving our algorithm. When it’s all said and done our new changes should help you pull in an additional 15% in revenue.


We’ve also made changes that are now fully in place which ensure that you capture all of your mobile users. The Content Locker has been optimized for use with mobile and is compatible with all of the latest technologies (Did you know that most content lockers in the market lose out on an estimated 25% of mobile user traffic?)

Offer Selection

Yes! We’re making changes here too. We are increasing the number of verticals we’re focusing on and asking you, our publishers, to let us know exactly what offers you’re looking for. We have more to follow on this front but if you see an offer you want, tell us and we’ll match or BEAT it!


The bread and butter of our labors over the last little while have revolved around sorting and tracking. We’re pleased to say that tracking was in a great place before but we’ve tested, tested and re-tested to ensure that our publishers capture every lead.


There’s a lot more on the way in the next few weeks but none of it will cause any inconveniences. We’re anxious to reach a point where we’ve rolled out all of our changes and everyone is happily enjoying the benefits.

Thank you all so much and happy earnings!

- The CPAlead Team

Announcement: Introducing Milind G

Hello Everyone,

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our newest Account Manager: Milind G!

Milind has had a very successful career in the online marketing space where he has worked as both a publisher and business owner. Today, he wants to take on the new and exciting challenge of being an Account Manager who can help others do the same.

Milind is very proud to be a member of the CPAlead family and equally eager to start helping guide CPAlead publishers. Please give him a warm welcome and contact him at [email protected] or on Skype: milind.gupta26

We also want to say hello from Justin & John to all of their publishers!

Happy earnings!

The CPAlead Team

Update: What happened to the CPAlead Chat?

The CPAlead chat feature has been gone for some time now and a lot of people are still wondering why. Honestly, we realize that the explanation may be a bit overdue but it’s better late than never.

Why did we remove the chat feature? We did this to protect our publisher base. Having the chat around wasn’t difficult to maintain as it took care of itself, it didn’t cost CPAlead anything and we loved it for a very long time.

However, it is nearly impossible for us to keep 100% of the bad apples out in cyberspace from registering as a publisher and eventually that leads to having someone getting in to monitor our chat channels.

Being monitored in chat not only exposes a publisher’s discussions about earnings, it also exposes their marketing strategies, technological strategies and much more. We initially removed chat as a test to see whether it would make any difference and realized in a very short period of time that there was a major change. By eliminating our chat, we were able to protect vital information belonging to our publishers which is a top priority to us.

Today, we’re pleased to say that our publishers are safer and better positioned to enjoy all of the benefits that CPAlead has to offer which include industry leading EPC’s.

We want to thank you for your continued support and remind you that we’re always looking out for your best interests!

All the very best,