Ten Reasons To Attend Affiliate Summit West

Ten Reasons To Attend Affiliate Summit West

Ten Reasons To Attend Affiliate Summit West

Ten Reasons To Attend Affiliate Summit West that might just convince you to make a great decision.

Understanding the advantages and benefits associated with attending an Affiliate Summit West show could make all the difference in your decision making process. While it is true that businesses tend to make up the majority of exhibitions, like ASW Affiliate Summit West, that is even more reason why affiliates themselves should try to attend. With that said, here is our list of ten reasons to attend Affiliate Summit West‎, regardless of whether you’re an affiliate, a network or anyone else.

1. Targeting

There are a lot of tech shows out there and they all tend to cover a very wide focus. Going to a “tech show” isn’t the same as going to an internet marketing show. Affiliate Summit is laser focused on Affiliate marketing, a sub category of internet marketing and that makes it one of our top ten reasons to attend Affiliate Summit West.

2. Less is More

if you’re an Affiliate you’ll be the center of attention. Yes, there are far more networks and businesses in attendance than there are Affiliates. That alone is a top reason to attend Affiliate Summit since you’ll be the center of attention to everyone you speak with.

3. Seeing is Believing

The Affiliate space has a lot of nameless, faceless and deceptive people lurking about. Each year a handful of networks go bankrupt and swallow the earnings of their Affiliates who never saw it coming. One thing those networks often have in common is that they made up fake identities. Sure you’ve seen an online photo and a bio but have you ever met the person? At Affiliate Summit you can put eyes on the people you’re trusting your fortunes to.

4. Learn More

There’s only so much you can learn from reading up online or going to someone’s website. Whether you’re in a speaking session or having a conversation with someone live, you’re going to have a great opportunity to learn more about whatever it is you’re discussing. Live conversations are fluid, rapidly evolving and often spark new ideas that can be exchanged between two individuals. Plus, you never know who might join into your conversation. When we’re online in a chat, we are chatting with one person. When we’re live, people listen, chime in, add ideas, discuss experiences etc

5. Discover

In the same way that you can only read so much, you can only find so much online as well. Sometimes you don’t get the full story or fully understand what a business has to offer. Forums can be biased, review sites are often “sponsored” by the companies who receive favorable reviews. When you meet with someone or give someone the opportunity to fully explain what they do, you have a clear, unfiltered message delivered to you straight from that company. You would also be surprised at what you can negotiate in person vs online.

6. Promote

Whether you’re promoting yourself or your business, Affiliate Summit sets the stage for you. Having a hard time connecting with someone via e-mail? Unable to get the attention of a higher ranking member of staff? At Affiliate Summit its common to see CEO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors and all sorts of other members of upper management. Plus, you, in person, can’t get lost in a SPAM filter unlike your e-mail can. CPAlead will have multiple members of staff, CEO Peter Tarr included, on hand looking to meet Affiliates and advertising partners alike!

7. Cheap

Everything you do costs money in the world of internet marketing. Every campaign you purchase, every website you build, every opportunity lost due to improper strategy. Affiliate Summit is cheap. The tickets will cost you some money but in the worst case scenario, you needn’t even buy a ticket to get on the floor. Walk around at the show, in the hotel, in the lobby. Its not hard to find people since everyone has a name tag on that includes who they are representing (if anyone).

8. Fun In Vegas

It’s Winter. Its slightly after New Year’s and there isn’t a lot to do otherwise. This year at Affiliate Summit, CPAlead is teaming with Affiliate Ball to present the biggest and best party yet. Grammy award winner and international superstar Sean Paul be performing live and all the stops are being pulled out to make it a night you won’t forget. Why not visit Las Vegas and enjoy some warmer weather while improving your chances of being successful in internet marketing. You’re not just attending Affiliate Summit West, you’re taking a small vacation.

9. Promos

Not to be confused with promoting yourself, promos are common at Affiliate Summit. A large number of companies in attendance will be having show specific promotions which range from months of free service, to bonus earnings, right down to prizes. CPAlead, for example, are presenting Affiliate Ball featuring Sean Paul and will be giving away a trip to Miami! Everyone loves promos and the abundance thereof is a top ten reason to attend Affiliate Summit West.

10. No Regrets

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive industry. Whether you’re in business for yourself or working for a different company, you’re guaranteed to regret missing an opportunity this year. Think back at 2014, did you miss any opportunities that you wish you had seized? I can’t think of a single person who can say no to that. Affiliate Summit is an opportunity treasure trove for this industry. It’s better to attend, explore opportunities and seize those which make sense then to lose time throughout the year regretting what you missed.

To learn more about attending Affiliate Summit West or to make accommodations, please visit Affiliate Summit For those of you interested in meeting with CPAlead or attending the Affiliate Ball, hosted by CPAlead, featuring Sean Paul live. Please contact us! Finally, for those of you who are still unsure, take another read through our ten reasons to attend Affiliate Summit West starting at point one.

Affiliate Summit West Party With CPAlead & Sean Paul

Affiliate Summit West Party With CPAlead & Sean Paul – you’re invited!

Its been a while since CPAlead threw a big party and we want everyone to know that the upcoming Affiliate Summit West Party With CPAlead & Sean Paul which is happening on January 19th. This year at Affiliate Summit West, CPAlead is taking the lead in bringing you the Affiliate Ball party where Sean Paul will be performing LIVE. If you’re interested in attending, we’ve got free tickets for all of our affiliates that are part of our CPA network (either of them) whether you do Content Locking, Non incentive CPA.

You may also be interested to know that we will be raffling off prizes which will include a Trip To Miami, Florida where the winner will be able to relax on the beach and enjoy one of the most vibrant, fun cities in the country. For those interested, simply show up to Affiliate Ball and get your raffle from CPAlead who will provide details.

Consider this an end of the year gift to all of our Affiliates. We love all of you and are lucky to have you as part of our network. Everyone is welcome to attend the party and tickets are free for our Affiliates so get in touch with us today and we’ll be sure to accommodate!

* Sean Paul is a Raggae and Hip Hop Superstar as well as one of the most popular artists on the planet right now. His current song “Bailando” became the #1 song in the world in 2014 and broke several records along the way. Sean Paul won multiple awards, including a Grammy Award for best Raggae Album and has been nominated for multiple others.

Las Vegas, Affiliate Summit West Party With CPAlead & Sean Paul…don’t miss it!

For those interested in learning more about attending the summit, please visit Affiliate Summit’s website

Affiliate Summit West Party With CPAlead & Sean Paul

Affiliate Summit West Party With CPAlead & Sean Paul

CPA Network Social Marketing


CPA Network Marketing
CPA Network Marketing


CPA Network Social Marketing Strategies

Those working within affiliate marketing, particularly those using a CPA Network, who are looking to generate traffic often look to Social Media. Is Social Media a strong traffic driver? Of course it is! Most Affiliates understand that but where they run into problems is in figuring out “how” to drive social media traffic and more importantly, how to optimize their efforts so that each visitor has value. After all, having a lot of traffic that isn’t properly optimized will only lead to frustration and confusion “I have traffic but aren’t making money!”. CPA network marketing doesn’t need to be so difficult.

So where do you start?

First off, you can forget about trying to market to a friends list in hopes that they will visit the URL you suggest and earn you money. The only thing that will do is generate low quality traffic (low quality = low money) and have you lose friends along the way. Instead, you should start a fan page or account that is focused on a specific topic. Think about something that you could blog about, only imagine that your Social Media account is your blog. You’ll want to target a specific vertical with any of your CPA network marketing efforts, whether they’re traditional CPA, ledgen, content locking, ppc or otherwise.

Need an example?

Let’s say that you want to focus on generating revenue from mobile games. You could start a fan page discussing mobile games and include all sorts of great content such as reviews, photos, tips, links to different games etc. Once you establish a following, you could then start including some CPA offers that are focused on mobile games. Your initial efforts will generate credibility for you and build trust with your followers who, in turn, will be more likely to look at the campaign you send them over to. This is where optimization comes into play as well. Having blogged about mobile games then included an ad that’s about mobile games, you will have targeted the right audience and can be sure that each individual who visits the campaign will have a much higher value vs someone who isn’t interested in games.

The same principles apply for any vertical. Let’s say that you’re interested in promoting beauty products. You would want to generate fans that are interested in beauty first, then introduce your CPA network or Content Locking campaigns, which are focused on beauty, to them. The better you target someone based on their interests, the more valuable they will be.

The method described above works perfectly for normal CPA network marketing but what about Content Locking? Are the strategies any different? Yes and no. With Content Locking, the methods described above are still ideal but you do have some flexibility. If you are delivering high quality content to your users and decide that you want to “Content Lock” something special like a PDF Guide, a special video tutorial, a piece of software etc, you don’t necessarily need to match the topic to the CPA campaigns as closely since that user is “incentivized” to complete an offer.

Which is best? That depends on your users, your target and how strong your quality of content is. We suggest experimenting with both and finding multiple channels to drive traffic. There’s no rule saying that you can only build one group of followers within the Social Media world and most successful Affiliates manage multiple pages, lists and accounts that allow them to generate heavy volume for any type of cpa network marketing . If you’re struggling to get started, try the basics we’ve outlined here first.

CPA Networks For Charity #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday December 2nd, 2014

CPA Affiliate Marketing is a fascinating space. It provides us all with the opportunity to do exciting work, comfortably, while earning a good living. This year, CPAlead is grateful for a lot of things business wise. We were able to develop and launch a new CPA Network division that is non-incentive based and grow it to be what we feel is the best in the business. We were able to revolutionize our invention of Content Locking and add so many great, exclusive to CPAlead, features that put our network even further ahead of the competition. We’re truly grateful to our Affiliates and colleagues for supporting us and helping make this happen. Today’s article is about #givingtuesday

As we think about our successes and good fortune, we’re also reminded about those who are less fortunate. Not everyone has an opportunity to work in a great space like CPA marketing. Not everyone has an opportunity to work at all. We exist in a space where the number one concern is “how much” when there are others who’s biggest issue remains “how little”. As we get closer and closer to the holidays, we’re encouraging CPA Affiliates to ask that their networks get involved and make a difference in the lives of those who are in need. Whether its through individual efforts or as a corporation, many of us can spare something to help someone in need.

At CPAlead we want to spread the word and support #GivingTuesday . This Tuesday, December 4th 2014, is giving Tuesday. #GivingTuesday is a simply an effort to give more. A day where families, communities, businesses and individuals come together in celebration of generosity and find a way to give a little bit more.

If you happen to read this short post, please do take a minute to pass it along to a friend, family member or colleague.

Visit #GivingTuesday to learn more.

Thank you

Content Locking

Content Locking

Content Locking

Content Locking

as many already know, CPAlead invented Content Locking in 2009 after creating the incentive CPA market back in 2006. Through the years, Content Locking and incentive CPA marketing has proliferated and now serves as the backbone for dozens of online businesses. However, Content Locking and Incentive CPA platforms have by and large remained the exact same over time.

Having innovated and created the space to begin with, the team at CPAlead spent a considerable amount of time developing a platform that could introduce fresh new ideas, useful features and an overall value proposal that would allow Affiliates to receive a new and improved experience that they would not be able to find elsewhere.

CPAlead accomplished that goal and over the next few weeks, we’ll look at the new, exciting, world of Content locking and Incent CPA marketing as delivered by CPAlead.

Until then, we’ll briefly preview what is to come by detailing some exciting new features, tools and developments which you can you expect to read about soon.

The CPAlead Offer Engine:

A proprietary, cutting edge, algorithm built by CPAlead that aligns an Affiliate’s individual performance with the exact campaigns that will deliver the best return on investment.

The CPAlead Landing Page Pro:

A powerful piece of software, built by CPAlead, that allows Affiliates to develop professional quality landing pages within the CPAlead dashboard. The Landing Page Pro was designed with Affiliates of all skill levels in mind. Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to click a few buttons and generate a professional page or an advanced user who wants to input HTML code and modify the page CSS, the Pro Landing Page tool was built for you.

The CPAlead Loyalty Program:

Every Affiliate who joins CPAlead is automatically enrolled in the loyalty rewards program (aka the achievement program). For every dollar generated, you earn points and unlock achievements. You quickly and easily earn achievements which come with prizes like iPad minis, PS4’s, Xbox One’s and more. You’ll also, constantly, receive bonuses to your earnings of 3%, 5%, 7%, 8%, 10% and more!

Want to experience Content Locking and Incentive CPA marketing revolutionized? Sign up with CPAlead today and experience all of our advantages for yourself!

CPA Network Lead Generation

CPA network lead generation

CPA network lead generation

Looking for a CPA Network with Lead Generation offers?

At CPAlead, we know that some of the best performing offers that a CPA network can provides its affiliates are lead generation offers. As a result, we at CPAlead spent the last year developing relationships with some of the bests online lead generation buyers, sellers and networks.

Today, CPAlead will be inputting dozens of ,additional, high quality Lead Generation offers that range from auto insurance to finance, health & beauty, fitness, health insurance and more.
Not only are we delivering our offers through one of the most cutting edge CPA dashboards on the marketplace, we’re also providing you with the absolute best payouts possible.

Join CPAlead today and we’ll help you generate more revenue from your traffic than ever before.

*Don’t forget about our rewards program! For every dollar you generate with CPAlead, you earn valuable points towards reward like
the iPad, Xbox One / PS4, Macbook Air, Trips to Las Vegas for two and more!

Our CPA Network has 7,500+ CPA offers

CPA network cpa offers

Our CPA Network = MORE CPA offers

We wanted to update all of you and let you know that at CPAlead, our CPA Network has had a lot of success in securing a large inventory of CPA offers. CPAlead is proud to say that, with over 7,500 offers in our system, we deliver more offers, more creatives and bigger payouts than competing CPA networks.

Our CPA Network Covers The Globe

Do you have global traffic? Specific countries that you cater to? Do you operate in the mobile space or focus on mobile traffic? Do you have any specific niches that you operate in? No matter what you’re looking for, we promise that we’ll deliver the right offer to you. As an Affiliate marketing network that specializes in the CPA space, we have an abundance of experience and know how to cater to the needs of our affiliate base. In fact, CPAlead has generated over $100 million dollars for affiliates on our CPA Network and we want everyone to enjoy that same level of success, Please join today and let us show you why we’re one of the longest running CPA companies in the world and why we’re the absolute best CPA network there is!


Affiliate Marketing PPC Strategy

Affiliate marketing ppc strategy

Affiliate Marketing PPC Strategy

An Affiliate Marketing PPC Strategy can be difficult to formulate

At CPAlead, we regularly discuss strategies and methodologies with our most successful Affiliates in an effort to find out what is working and what we can do to facilitate earnings growth for all. Today, we want to share a bit of ppc strategy that often gets neglected. For those of you working in affiliate marketing that know about Pay Per Click marketing, you’re most likely aware that targeting your audience and providing the right ad campaign is critical. However, the marketplace on most major platforms can be extremely competitive or even over saturated. As a result, profit margins are extremely thin and narrow. Instead of spending all of your time trying to understand how to squeeze out a small profit on a saturated platform, you should spend time researching secondary platforms that have not yet become saturated.

When dealing with “secondary PPC platforms” you should be aware that there are some pros and cons. Thankfully, we’re here to list a few for you:


  • Lower costs:  Due to the lower amount of demand, you will pay less per click on smaller platforms. The smaller (in terms of traffic volume) the platform, the cheaper the cost of click.


  • Sustainability: The smaller the platform, the less likely it is that others will drive up the costs for your campaign. With larger platforms, anything that succeeds attracts attention much faster and attention equals competition.



  • Harder to target:  The less traffic there is flowing to a platform, the less likely it is that you will be able to get a high amount of volume to your campaign. Particularly if you’re dealing with a very small niche.


  • Analytics & resources:  While each platform will be different, you will generally find that secondary platforms offer less in terms of analytics, stats and other useful items that help you analyze your marketing efforts.


What should you do? The best idea is to find a balance that works for you. If you’re not seeing returns on a quote on quote “major platform”, you may want to begin exploring smaller affiliate marketing platforms that allow media buying. Remember, you don’t have to go out and find the most obscure PPC platform out there as that may not be necessary. Instead, strategically scale back to smaller and smaller platforms until you can find the right fit. If after doing so, you’re still finding that its difficult to turn any sort of profit, you will want to circle back and analyze the market, niche, vertical, campaign and other items you’re dealing with as it may not be the affiliate marketing platform you’re dealing with as much as it is your overall strategy. Keep in mind, there’s always a profit out there waiting to be made, you simply need to track it down.


A CPA Network With More Offers

Want More CPA Network Offers

Want More CPA Network Offers?

CPAlead’s new CPA Network  has over 7,000 CPA offers

and plans on adding another 3,000 within the next few months. Still, we also know that for those of you who work with a CPA network, there are endless verticals and niches where you may want to promote offers. More importantly, finding the right offer and matching it to your promotions is critical.

As a result, we want to let everyone know that CPAlead can get you any CPA offer for any vertical or niche that you’re looking for. If you’re ever unable to find the perfect CPA offer, we’re inviting you to let us know exactly what you want or need. Within the CPAlead dashboard, you’ll see a button that says “offer request”. Simply fill out the details and we’ll have the exact CPA offer you’re looking for ASAP. It’s that easy!

In The Future

CPAlead is a CPA Network that is committed to delivering more value at every turn. Nothing is more important than catering to the needs of Affiliate marketers. We not only plan to deliver thousands of new offers, but we’re also adding more sizes and types of creatives so that you will have more options for generating revenue from your traffic. Whatever you want, whatever you need, we’re on your side. Any type of Affiliate marketing is a partnership and we want to be your favorite CPA Network