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Hot Offers in France & Europe!

France PIN Submit Offers

High EPC PIN Submit offers in France and Europe

Have become increasingly difficult to find for affiliates over the last few months. This is due to the fact that there were some major compliance issues over the past few months that negatively impacted the market. As a result, most networks have lost nearly all of their PIN submits and all networks other than CPAlead have lost access to premium France PIN submit offers, which provide the highest EPC’s.

CPAlead Gets Exclusive PIN Submits & Offers:

If you’re interested in reading up on the history of why this happened, please take a look at the section below on “what happened with pin submit offers”. More importantly, CPAlead is in a special position to provide exclusive premium France PIN submit offers due to our continued focus and attention on compliance. We know that the only way to keep the business healthy for everyone is to adhere to sustainable strategy. That’s exactly why we’ve always focused on clean traffic. Unfortunately, many networks focused on instead of making quick money, which burned mobile pin submit / short code owners in the end. Given everything that’s happened in the past few months, everyone in the industry has now learned some hard lessons. The good news is that CPAlead is in a great position and we’re now able to provide our affiliates with even better offers in France. We’re glad that the industry is being cleaned up once and for all and excited that this is going to open up doors to running offers that were previously not available. We’ve already started by adding several dozen new PIN submit offers in France and we’ll be the only network to provide multiple exclusive offers. Sometimes good guys do finish first!

What Happened with PIN Submit Offers?

The short story is this: There were too many networks that simply didn’t care about traffic compliance. As is often the case within the CPA space, priority is placed on sending traffic (any traffic) so that money can be earned regardless of whether the traffic is clean or not. The advertisers involved weren’t as attentive as they could have been and were too willing to accept traffic as well. This practice carried on until matters escalated and short code (PIN submit offer) owners eventually began having some major issues with the traffic they were receiving (malicious hacks, Facebook cracks, skype password hacks etc). Advertisers requested that networks become compliant at this time. However, many provided false assurances and were able to carry on – its difficult to change for many. Eventually things came crashing down where the regulatory bodies and PIN submit owners withdrew their offers from multiple advertisers and networks and this lead to where we are today.

How Do You Get France PIN Submit Offers?

Step 1 is to log into your account with CPAlead. You’ll need to request access to France PIN submits offers the same as you will need to request access to any exclusives we have on a protected list. Once you’re logged in, navigate to our “offers” section from within the user dashboard then navigate to “France”. There you’ll see an option to “apply for FR Pin Submits”. Click on that button and we’ll review your application. Once the review is completed, you’ll be notified and if you’re not running any malicious, offside, promotions – you’ll have access! (see image below)



The Power Of a CPA Niche

Choosing a CPA Niche

If you want to earn money in CPA then you’re going to need a good niche.


Why is a CPA niche so important?

A niche is like a topic. If your efforts in making money with cost per action marketing were a movie, a niche would be the subject. Think about that for a moment. Would you go to see a movie about something that isn’t interesting to you? Of course not. Would you go to see a movie if it about something that you really like? There’s a good chance that you would. The same goes for visitors to your CPA promotion. If its interesting, there’s a good chance they will complete an offer to access it. If it isn’t interesting, then they’re going to leave. Plain and simple.

What makes for a good niche?

We’ve already gone over the fact that the topic must be interesting but how you choose to put your niche out there and what it looks like is very important. Once you have your topic, you need to choose a popular niche category like facebook, instagram, twitter, music sharing or file sharing. These are distribution methods and tie into your overall niche. Once you do that, you need to find a way to put together a landing page for your niche.

How Do I Get a Good Landing Page?

Here’s where most CPA marketers have the most difficulty. You have a good topic, you know where you want to promote your topic but you don’t have a landing page. You can create one from scratch but unless you’re highly skilled its going to look very poor or mediocre at best. Think about our movie analogy for a moment. If you’re a big fan of superhero movies and one comes out about a superhero that you like, would you still be interested if the preview looked like it were shot in someone’s backyard using a smartphone camera? Of course not. That’s exactly what happens to visitors to encounter poor or “OK” looking landing pages. So what else can you do here? Well, you could go out and hire someone to build a landing page for you. Getting a high quality landing page built around your niche will probably cost you $100 or so (we’re talking HIGH quality). The problem there is that doesn’t leave a lot of space for error. What if this particular topic doesn’t work out for you? You’re already down $100 and a lot of affiliates run a handful of niches at any given time before succeeding. Most people aren’t interested in spending that much money and falling behind in profits just to test the waters.

Free Niches With CPAlead!

How about high quality professionally made free niches? Now we’re talking right? That’s exactly what we’re doing at CPAlead. We recognize all of the above points, particularly how hard it is to create a good template, so we’ve come up with a solution. We’re making all of the niches and templates for you. We’re packaging everything and making it extremely easy for you to customize. Not only that, CPAlead is providing a large library of templates for you so that you can change from one high quality niche to another with the click of a button. No more having to burn time and money worrying about what to do or how to get it done. Just click and go with CPAlead. We’ll talk more about the process in upcoming articles but its so simple that you can literally setup a high quality niche and landing page within 30 seconds and $0 cost. That sure beats waiting days and spending hundreds of dollars doesn’t it?

If you want to get up and running with CPA and not have to worry about buying niches, building landing pages and feeling frustrated then you need to register with CPAlead and take a look at our free niches.

View CPA Offers Without An Account

View CPA Offers Without An Account

Are you interested in browsing the CPAlead’s CPA offer inventory without an account?

If so, we have a great new solution that you’re going to love. Introducing

CPAlead’s new Offer Page allows affiliate marketers to view all of CPAlead’s offers in a convenient way without needing to have a CPAlead account. Our user friendly layout allows you to search offers by name, payout, landing page style, GEO or vertical. Simply select your filters from our drop down menu and hit search to view one of the nearly 4,000 offers CPA offers within our CPA network database.

In addition, we’ve taken a few additional steps to make finding new and exciting offers even easier. First, we ensure that landing pages are previewed for you when your results are first listed. No more having to click on an offer title to get an idea of what the landing page looks like. Then, we grouped many of our “hot offers” and have placed them on the main page at  to ensure that they are in plain site. Finally, we display the most recent US offers to be added into our system. That way you’re constantly being updated with what’s new. Of course, if you’re looking for other new offers you’re free to browse through our system whenever you’d like for as long as you would like.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Affiliate marketing through a CPA Network. We’re fully aware that all of the CPA networks are constantly saying that they have the most offers or the best payouts and we believe that talk is cheap. CPAlead has nearly twice as many offers as other leading CPA networks and we’re opening up our database to the world. We want everyone, with or without an an account, to have access to our offer inventory. Take a look, compare us to the other CPA networks and see what CPAlead can do for you. While everyone else spends their time marketing to you, we’ll spend our time working for you so that you can generate results! What are you waiting for? Browse our inventory right now and put CPAlead to the test!


How To Choose an Affiliate Network

How To Choose An Affiliate Network

How To Choose An Affiliate Network

Learning How To Choose an Affiliate Network can be difficult

the most important question that needs to be asked is “What do Affiliate marketing users need?”. We are thinking of those Affiliates who run SEO campaigns, those who run Cost Per Sale Campaigns, PPC campaigns and all of the rest who work in affiliate marketing. “What do Affiliating marketing users need?” That was the only question we continuously asked ourselves at CPAlead when building our Affiliate Marketing CPA platform.


In the world of affiliate marketing marketing, particularly CPA marketing, there is a tendency to go overboard when developing a platform by adding in a lot of features that simply bloat the platform and hurt the user experience. At CPAlead, we’ve been in the affiliate marketing business for over 9 years. In that time, we’ve spoken to many Affiliates and asked them exactly what they need in order to be successful in their affiliate marketing efforts.

We were told, among other things, that having a clean and easy to read dashboard is important. We were reminded that no two Affiliates are exactly a like, so while having stats and features available would be important, providing Affiliates with the ability to customize every last detail would be key. CPAlead responded by creating a very clean interface with cutting edge technology that allows our Affiliates to manipulate everything from which graphs and stats they see to their exact placement on the page. In other words, you can drag and drop windows, charts, graphs and other items on CPAlead just as though you were working on your desktop! You can also change background colors and aesthetics if you please.

What else was important to Affiliates? We were told that that a large inventory of high quality offers / ads were key. We were told that ‘To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to have access to as many offers (and creatives) as possible and a good affiliate network has to find a way to make browsing or analyzing those offers extremely intuitive, efficient and convenient. After all, an Affiliate can only succeed in their marketing efforts if they are running the appropriate campaign.

We Delivered

CPAlead responded by importing over 7,000+ offers alongside 10,000+ creatives for our initial launch alone. Moreover, we built out an intuitive search function so that users could view offers by vertical, category, key word or even conversion flow. Not only that, we also ensured that when listing our offers, we also include a preview screenshot of the landing page. This way, you could scroll through hundreds of offers quickly and still view all of the information that you need in order to make a decision. Why was this so important? Because time is one of the most valuable resources to an internet marketer. When you’re able to browse offers efficiently and view all of the critical information you’re looking for on one, easy to read, screen – you’re able to save yourself quite a bit of valuable time which could better be spent elsewhere.

In short, we were told to build a clean and easy to use affiliate marketing platform. We were asked to deliver as many offers as we possibly could from around the world (covering every GEO and vertical there is) and we were asked to find a way to make the entire offer selection process extremely efficient.

These were the inspirational requests that helped us create the affiliate marketing cpa platform that we havewe have today. So far, our Affiliates are extremely pleased and we couldn’t be happier about that. Curious to know more? Sign up today and experience affiliate marketing like never before with CPAlead

Affiliate Marketing Landing Page Creator

CPAlead has released an extremely helpful Affiliate marketing landing page creator!

At CPAlead, we pride ourselves on being a cutting edge Affiliate marketing platform that caters to the needs of our users. are proud to announce our new HTML Landing Page creator! Use any HTML from any Landing Page or Webpage you want and we’ll even host it for free!

Plugin Support

Add plugins to your lander such as testimonials, virus scanners, image galleries, and more! Don’t have a lander? Use our in-house lander or get a Free, custom, HTML Lander one from our marketplace!We’re hard at work every day reinvesting our resources back into CPAlead. This is our way of saying thank you for your loyal business. We promise to continuing leading the way in the Affiliate marketing space and developing new, disruptive technologies that will allow you to get even more out of your traffic.

Example 1

Example 2


Custom HTML Landing Page for Content Locking


Example 3


Content Locking page #2


Example 4


Free HTML Landers by CPAlead


Affiliate Marketing in 2014

more affiliate marketing from cpalead

more affiliate marketing from cpalead

On behalf of all of the staff at CPAlead, we want to wish you a Very Happy New Year and pledge that we will bring you bigger and better affiliate marketing options in 2014. 2013 was great for us and as a result, we’re heading into 2014 able to give you more than ever before.

Some of the highlights to start 2014 include the following:

Weekly Quick Pay is available for all publishers.
The CPAlead Affiliate Marketing Rewards program that earns you points with every dollar you generate. You can redeem these points for prizes like iPad minis, Beats By Dre Headphones, Cash or even a VIP trip for two to Las Vegas with the keys to a Lamborghini for 24 hours!

New Exclusive Offers, CPAlead is the only network with exclusive rates around the world, including France where our PIN submits have hit over $50 this year and the U.S where we hold exclusive offers not found elsewhere.
Fully Customizable, easy to use File Lockers & Link lockers for all who are looking to run PPD campaigns.
A new help ticket system so that you can receive help from a LIVE Account Manager OR submit a ticket, whatever you find most convenient.
More Payment types: Wire, Paypal, Payoneer, ACH, Western Union & more! If you want it, we have it.
A fully optimized mobile content locker that detects mobile smartphone users and takes action.
A slider tool and new banner tool for all non incent CPA or display users
Fully redesigned user dashboard


No other affiliate network delivers a fraction of the features that CPAlead does and no other CPA network can earn you as much money for your traffic. Try us and let us prove it to you!

Return To Affiliate Marketing!

We want you to return to Affiliate Marketing!

We know that some of you haven’t run with us for a while and we want YOU to know what’s different at today’s CPAlead vs when you were last an active member. So what’s different? Our ownership and management team have changed dramatically for the better and we now have the most experienced and successful executive team in affiliate marketing business leading us forward .

Today’s CPAlead is 100% focused on what we can do for the affiliate and we’ve come up with a lot of things that you’ll love. In short, we’ve rebuilt ourselves from top to bottom with 1 focus in mind, YOU the affiliate. Here are some highlights about today’s CPAlead

CPAlead boasts the highest payouts in the industry, don’t take our word though, ask around:

We’re wildly popular with affiliate marketing users and welcome you to take a look on the forums! There’s a big buzz surrounding our offers and the fact that we pay MORE (and EARN you more) than all of the other CPA networks or affiliate marketing platforms out there. From U.S.A to France to New Zealand and everything in between, we not only pay more but access exclusive offers. When the entire industry lost their Australian offers, CPAlead never lost a single one. While the industry looks on, CPAlead users are hitting $35.00 mobile pin submits in France. We’re delivering a laundry list of great offers in the U.S.A and have even started offering Pin Submits (yes, they’re slowly coming back in the U.S.A but only with CPAlead). We could go on but you get the idea.

New Technologies geared at helping you earn more:

Have you seen our entirely new dashboard? Complete with every feature you could ever dream of to help you organize and implement all of our tools, offers and customization features (see video below).

How about our new File & Link lockers? When compared to other networks, our fully customizable landing pages generate much higher Conversion Rates, which mean more money for you the affiliate (see video #2)

The Only 100% Mobile Optimized Content Locker:

Did you know that the average affiliate marketing user has approximately 12%-15% of their traffic come in from mobile smartphones? Unfortunately, others direct you to their basic web content locker which doesn’t load properly and looks broken or oddly stretched to users.

CPAlead is 100% optimized for mobile visitors and automatically detects them as they come in. We not only have our Mobile Locker appear but we also have ads that are optimized to mobile users. That means that instead of burning 12%-15% of your traffic as you would

With other networks, you’re turning it into revenue at CPAlead. (See image)

#1 In International Coverage:

CPAlead is at the top another category with international coverage. Why let your users from around the world hit a dead page? CPAlead has offers to cover everything from U.S.A to Australia right down to Iraq, Kenya, Singapore, Iceland and more. Other networks serve up a blank page or filler. At CPAlead, every single impression is your potential revenue and that’s not something we’ll let go to waste. Better coverage equals better earnings and CPAlead coverage is by long and far the best online.

Customer Service & Support:

We had a lot of great feedback in the past but we were far from where we are today. Our entire team is skilled, helpful and very friendly. Affiliates are our partners and we want to work together with you the way that partners should.

Your needs are our #1 priority, we’ll help you get setup and figure out the best way to generate unheard of revenues.

The Ultimate Comparison To “Other” Networks:

We could go on forever about our new features and explain all of the ways that we’re different but summing it up is probably best. To do so, we’ll say this: If you try CPAlead and we aren’t able to out perform every single other Content Locking business there is, then its plain and simple that we don’t deserve your business at all – we say that and we mean it, we’re that confident and want you to see it for yourself. All we can ask is that you try it out and rather than talk about it, we’ll prove it to you. From the moment you join to each and every big payday, CPAlead is going to show you what we’re all about.

Try us out, even for a day and let us prove what today’s NEW CPAlead is all about.


Check out our new Dashboard and Tools in these awesome videos:


Chances are that by the time you login and try things out for yourself, there will be additional changes within our Affiliate marketing platform waiting for you. We’re always on your side and want you to give us a try! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


CPAlead Announces File Lockers and Link Lockers

100% Fully Customizable DL Pages with tons of HIGH converting themes
(A built in Virus Scanner notice to provide users with greater confidence)

Exclusive Offers and payouts that NO other network CAN match
(sorry everyone else, having locked in exclusive agreements with advertisers from years ago when no one else was around gives all CPAlead publishers a huge advantage. Plus we just boosted ALL affiliate earnings by a bonus 6% on top of everything else :D)

Tons of features: A Built In Virus Scanners, Custom CSS Designs, Templates and a marketplace of support ready to get you VIRAL overnight.

(No worrying about losing leads or slow loading times which you might find elsewhere. The Link Locker & File Locker are built using the latest cutting edge technology: CSS3, HTML 5, Jquery so your users will have an the best experience

Give us a shot and let us PROVE what we can do for your earnings rather than talk about it. All we can ask is that you test us and see for yourself! Its on us to make sure you get amazing results!!

(We’re here with support anytime you need us, from campaign optimizing to payments support)

The All New CPAlead!

We’ve got some really great news for you. As of today, an all NEW CPAlead has been released!

What’s new?
An all new homepage
A completely new publisher dashboard complete with lotto earning bonuses, games, a new design, hidden prizes, games and more.
A new CHAT FOR EVERYONE (yes, chat is back!)

What else?
We’ve added over 300+ offers from exclusive agreements with our various advertisers. CPAlead is the only Content Locking network that holds long standing exclusive agreements like these and you won’t find the same offers or pay anywhere else.

Want to see what we’re talking about?

Watch this video

Better yet, login to your CPAlead account today!

(All account numbers, login credentials and details are the same)

Welcome To The Golden Days,
Your friends at CPAlead