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Announcement: CPAlead has some exciting news!

We’re pleased to announce that CPAlead has garnered another point of recognition in 2012. In addition to being listed among the fastest growing companies in the U.S.A. by Inc Magazine and receiving the Network Product Guide’s Hottest New Company award, CPAlead has now made its first appearance on Performance Marketing Insider’s (PMI) Top 10 CPA Affiliate Networks list.

This is the first year we’ve been included on the ballot. We realized that we were eligible at the last moment and without any time to prepare or make a push towards having our publisher base and partners support us we were still able to rank #5, beating out many other firms that have been on the list for some time. We have to give full credit and thanks to our publisher base here.

Achieving these sort of results with minimal preparation time leaves us confident that we’ll make #1 on the list next time. Our thanks to PMI for including us on the voting list this year.

CPAlead has recently released its new smart system that will allow all publishers to generate greater revenue from their content. Stacked up to anyone in the industry, the results speak for themselves as CPAlead’s expanded inventory of offers and leading technology generates greater revenue for publishers time and time again.

Haven’t tried it? Give it a shot today and see for yourself!

Coming Soon
Look for exciting news concerning an upcoming technology release next week. If generating significantly more revenue from your existing content without lifting a finger sounds exciting to you, you’re going to love what we have in store…


Update: CPAlead ranks among fastest growing companies in the U.S.A!

CPAlead has, for the second year in a row, been listed among America’s fastest growing companies in the United States.


“We’re extremely proud of what we’ve done here over the years with CPAlead. The company, the technology, and everything about CPAlead has always been a fantastic business unit for us. To receive the Network Products Guide Award for Hottest Company of 2012 and then be recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the country for a 2nd straight year is a testament to what we are doing here.” – CEO Peter Tarr


CPAlead pioneered the space that they now exist in and were the creators of the content locker in 2006.


“We think this not only validates our efforts, but speaks volumes about the importance and effectiveness of performance marketing as a whole.”


CPAlead was also recognized as Nevada’s fastest growing company and praised by local media for growing jobs.


“For us to be creating jobs and expanding in this sort of economy is very fulfilling. Knowing that we’re doing our part in helping the economy rebound is a great feeling.”


With 2012 closing out, CPAlead is promising even more.


“We’re ready to unveil some exciting things to our publishers. Our ability to generate revenue has grown substantially – even in the past month or two – with our smart optimization system. The technology we have here may look similar to some of the things that are out in the market, but there’s nothing quite like it. Within a short period of time, we’ll have additional news and even greater opportunities for our loyal publishers.”, said Tarr.


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