Monthly Archives: September 2011

Announcement: CPAlead Is Proud To Introduce: "The Exit Traffic Tool"

Effective immediately, The Exit Traffic Tool is available for implementation and can be accessed via The CPAlead Dashboard. The Exit Traffic Tool allows website publishers to monetize traffic as it leaves their sites. As a publisher, when a user navigates away from your page, they will now be presented with the opportunity to interact with the tool. When a user successfully does so, they will generate revenue.

Much in the same way you are often presented with a promotional offer when exiting a retail store, The Exit Traffic Tool provides you with an opportunity to monetize traffic that otherwise would have been left untapped.

Regardless the type of content you are publishing, The Exit Traffic Tool integrates with ease and helps you increase revenue generation for your website.

Give it a try today and find out first-hand just how great an option The Exit Traffic Tool is!