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Update: Make The CPAlead Widget Your Own

We recognize that the CPAlead Widget is every bit as much your own as it is our’s.

Afterall, the Widget is placed on your website and displayed to your users. With that in mind, we dedicated ourselves to making some improvements to our technology so that the Widget could serve you, the publisher (or advertiser) better. Our goal was to develop features that would allow you to make adjustments to the widget so that it could truly be your own and not simply an object that sat atop of your website of content. After some brainstorming and hard work, we’re pleased to announce that we have achieved our goal.

Starting today, users can now completely customize every last aesthetic aspect of the CPAlead Widget! This means controlling the vertical and horizontal size of the widget along with the spacing of items, colors, padding, fonts, drop shadows, border colors and anything else you can think of. (See photos for examples)

So what does this mean for you? This means that everytime a user visits your site, they can access the widget without feeling as though they are encountering a 3rd party advertisement. This increases the fluidity of the entire monetization process and helps improve the overall experience on your website. With an improved user experience and increased level of comfort when encountering the widget, it is very possible to generate greater earnings!

In the end, we recognize that happy users make for happy publishers and advertisers. Log in to your account and take advantage of these great new changes today.

Your friends,
The CPAlead Team

Update: Catching Up With CPAlead (April, 2011)

We apologize for making you wait for updates but we’re back and here to stay!

In January, we held a party for the CPAlead community which allowed publishers and business partners an opportunity to be wined and dined in style. We started at the CPAlead headquarters where everyone got the chance to socialize with the CPAlead staff and other publishers. CPAlead gave away thousands of dollars in prizes leading up to the ultimate give-away of the owner’s personal Maserati! Everyone was then shuttled on party buses to a private party hosted at JET nightclub and entertained by musical superstar Chamillionaire.

We know that we’re late with our update, but we want to thank all of those individuals who attended and made this year’s bash a complete success – thank you!

Since that time, we have been hard at work ensuring that 2011 will be CPAlead’s brightest year yet. Our team has been ramping up to deliver the CPAlead Community with an improved experience from top to bottom. While we cannot say exactly what that entails at this particular moment, we can say that you will be kept up to date at every step of the way through our Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and interesting articles!

Robert, Chamillionaire and Troy