Monthly Archives: January 2011

Thanks for celebrating with CPAlead!

As everyone who was here knows, the January 8th CPAlead party was a huge success! All who attended had an awesome time from start to finish, and we are grateful to have met such a fun group of people. Of course we couldn’t have done it without you, our publishers, the hard work of our entire team, and everyone else who helped make this memorable night happen. We have to give special thanks to Chamillionaire and his crew for helping us give away Troy’s car, as well as his epic performance at Jet nightclub! The private show was truly unforgettable and the real highlight of the evening.

Congratulations to all of our raffle winners! Some fortunate partygoers went home with some great prizes like the new XBOX 360 Kinect, Sony digital camera, and the iPad. Cheers to AlienWoo, who won the grand prize and was handed the keys to the Maserati by Chamillionaire himself!

We have tons of professional pictures and high definition video clips that we will be posting later this month, and DVDs and Blu-Rays of the entire event are being edited and processed. These will be available to all of our publishers soon. To everyone who missed the party, we hope you enjoyed the live stream our tech team provided and that we will see you next time! It was a great experience meeting publishers who had come to Las Vegas from all around the world, and we will definitely be planning more events that everyone is welcome to attend!


John T. Bryant
& The CPAlead Team