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Make Money Easy With CPA Marketing

Making easy money with CPA marketing

can be very difficult for some affiliates. In fact, it can be challenging for a lot of affiliates depending on the approach taken.

First, you needed to figure out what exactly you want to promote to your online traffic and visitors. This part is very important since your idea or “niche” will dictate how much money you make to a great degree. Then, once you have an idea, you’ll need to come up with a high quality landing page for it since a great idea or “niche” won’t do much without a high quality landing page. The only problem is that quality landing pages require you to either hire a developer, which costs money, or have strong html and design skills of your own – which not many people do.

What’s an affiliate supposed to do to make more money with CPA marketing?

Thanks to CPAlead’s new system the niche and template feature by CPAlead, affiliates don’t need to worry about ideas aka “niches” or landing pages anymore. Affiliates can literally click a few buttons and start making money with the best ideas and landing pages in the world. How is that possible? CPAlead has introduced a new “niche and template feature by CPAlead” that will allow affiliates to choose from an endless amount of high quality templates based on different money making ideas. You no longer have to come up with an idea of what to promote or figure out how to have a page designed. CPAlead has taken all of the hard work out and done it for you.

FREE Niches & Templates For Everyone? Is This For Real?

Yes, this is for real and already live in the CPAlead dashboard where it is available for ALL affiliates.

What does this niche and template program look like?

CPAlead Niche and TemplateSystem


So how do you get started?

Step 1 – Login to your CPAlead account
Step 2 – Select a niche
Step 3 – Start making money!

From movies to music, games, e-books and more, CPAlead has something for everyone. Once you find the template that’s right for you, simply click on the FREE button to install it. Within a few seconds, you’ll be done!

That’s it, that’s all, you’re ready to start promoting your new page and making easy money with CPA marketing!


Earn From Your Mobile App!


Want to make money from your iOS or Android mobile app?

There are over 1.6 million apps available for Android and over 1.5 million apps on iOS. Each year, install billions of apps and that number is growing. The average person installs more than 27 apps per year. Get the picture? Apps are popular and usage is on the rise.

What does that mean for app developers and owners? It means that there is a tremendous amount of opportunity to generate revenue within the mobile app space. Fortunately, CPAlead has been focusing on the mobile side of internet marketing for the past few years and have come up with some fantastic solutions for monetizing mobile apps.

What kind of solutions does CPAlead provide for mobile apps?

There’s two basic requirements that you are going to need if you want to make money from with a mobile app. The first is monetization tools. At CPAlead, mobile app owners and developers have access to all of the best monetization tools available with mobile banner ads and interstitial ads leading the way. Perhaps even more importantly, CPAlead has the best mobile app ads and CPI inventory around. You can have all of the greatest tools in the world but if the right mobile ads and CPI offers aren’t available, you’re not going to make money. At CPAlead, you have access to unique and exclusive mobile app ads. In fact, CPAlead has over 1,600 mobile CPI offers for Android and over 1,500 different mobile ads for iOS. That puts CPAlead in a category of their own when it comes to mobile monetization platforms. Better still? CPAlead is able to offer exclusive payouts that are, on average, 40% higher than what you might find anywhere else. That’s because we work directly with gaming, utility and mobile app agencies and we’ve been building relationships for years. App developers and owners love CPAlead’s quality and reward us by providing top tier payouts.

Hot Offers in France & Europe!

France PIN Submit Offers

High EPC PIN Submit offers in France and Europe

Have become increasingly difficult to find for affiliates over the last few months. This is due to the fact that there were some major compliance issues over the past few months that negatively impacted the market. As a result, most networks have lost nearly all of their PIN submits and all networks other than CPAlead have lost access to premium France PIN submit offers, which provide the highest EPC’s.

CPAlead Gets Exclusive PIN Submits & Offers:

If you’re interested in reading up on the history of why this happened, please take a look at the section below on “what happened with pin submit offers”. More importantly, CPAlead is in a special position to provide exclusive premium France PIN submit offers due to our continued focus and attention on compliance. We know that the only way to keep the business healthy for everyone is to adhere to sustainable strategy. That’s exactly why we’ve always focused on clean traffic. Unfortunately, many networks focused on instead of making quick money, which burned mobile pin submit / short code owners in the end. Given everything that’s happened in the past few months, everyone in the industry has now learned some hard lessons. The good news is that CPAlead is in a great position and we’re now able to provide our affiliates with even better offers in France. We’re glad that the industry is being cleaned up once and for all and excited that this is going to open up doors to running offers that were previously not available. We’ve already started by adding several dozen new PIN submit offers in France and we’ll be the only network to provide multiple exclusive offers. Sometimes good guys do finish first!

What Happened with PIN Submit Offers?

The short story is this: There were too many networks that simply didn’t care about traffic compliance. As is often the case within the CPA space, priority is placed on sending traffic (any traffic) so that money can be earned regardless of whether the traffic is clean or not. The advertisers involved weren’t as attentive as they could have been and were too willing to accept traffic as well. This practice carried on until matters escalated and short code (PIN submit offer) owners eventually began having some major issues with the traffic they were receiving (malicious hacks, Facebook cracks, skype password hacks etc). Advertisers requested that networks become compliant at this time. However, many provided false assurances and were able to carry on – its difficult to change for many. Eventually things came crashing down where the regulatory bodies and PIN submit owners withdrew their offers from multiple advertisers and networks and this lead to where we are today.

How Do You Get France PIN Submit Offers?

Step 1 is to log into your account with CPAlead. You’ll need to request access to France PIN submits offers the same as you will need to request access to any exclusives we have on a protected list. Once you’re logged in, navigate to our “offers” section from within the user dashboard then navigate to “France”. There you’ll see an option to “apply for FR Pin Submits”. Click on that button and we’ll review your application. Once the review is completed, you’ll be notified and if you’re not running any malicious, offside, promotions – you’ll have access! (see image below)



The Power Of a CPA Niche

Choosing a CPA Niche

If you want to earn money in CPA then you’re going to need a good niche.


Why is a CPA niche so important?

A niche is like a topic. If your efforts in making money with cost per action marketing were a movie, a niche would be the subject. Think about that for a moment. Would you go to see a movie about something that isn’t interesting to you? Of course not. Would you go to see a movie if it about something that you really like? There’s a good chance that you would. The same goes for visitors to your CPA promotion. If its interesting, there’s a good chance they will complete an offer to access it. If it isn’t interesting, then they’re going to leave. Plain and simple.

What makes for a good niche?

We’ve already gone over the fact that the topic must be interesting but how you choose to put your niche out there and what it looks like is very important. Once you have your topic, you need to choose a popular niche category like facebook, instagram, twitter, music sharing or file sharing. These are distribution methods and tie into your overall niche. Once you do that, you need to find a way to put together a landing page for your niche.

How Do I Get a Good Landing Page?

Here’s where most CPA marketers have the most difficulty. You have a good topic, you know where you want to promote your topic but you don’t have a landing page. You can create one from scratch but unless you’re highly skilled its going to look very poor or mediocre at best. Think about our movie analogy for a moment. If you’re a big fan of superhero movies and one comes out about a superhero that you like, would you still be interested if the preview looked like it were shot in someone’s backyard using a smartphone camera? Of course not. That’s exactly what happens to visitors to encounter poor or “OK” looking landing pages. So what else can you do here? Well, you could go out and hire someone to build a landing page for you. Getting a high quality landing page built around your niche will probably cost you $100 or so (we’re talking HIGH quality). The problem there is that doesn’t leave a lot of space for error. What if this particular topic doesn’t work out for you? You’re already down $100 and a lot of affiliates run a handful of niches at any given time before succeeding. Most people aren’t interested in spending that much money and falling behind in profits just to test the waters.

Free Niches With CPAlead!

How about high quality professionally made free niches? Now we’re talking right? That’s exactly what we’re doing at CPAlead. We recognize all of the above points, particularly how hard it is to create a good template, so we’ve come up with a solution. We’re making all of the niches and templates for you. We’re packaging everything and making it extremely easy for you to customize. Not only that, CPAlead is providing a large library of templates for you so that you can change from one high quality niche to another with the click of a button. No more having to burn time and money worrying about what to do or how to get it done. Just click and go with CPAlead. We’ll talk more about the process in upcoming articles but its so simple that you can literally setup a high quality niche and landing page within 30 seconds and $0 cost. That sure beats waiting days and spending hundreds of dollars doesn’t it?

If you want to get up and running with CPA and not have to worry about buying niches, building landing pages and feeling frustrated then you need to register with CPAlead and take a look at our free niches.

Mobile CPI Options

Mobile CPI Options

By now, we know that mobile CPI offers (aka mobile apps) are very lucrative and can help you make a lot of money. But we also know that everyone has different taste and interests, so how do we plan out a mobile CPI strategy that will take our earnings up to the next level?

As of 2016, there are over 3.1 million apps available between Google Play (Android) and Apple’s App Store (iOS). That tells us quite a bit about the diversity of the marketplace. We also know, from previous articles, that the average smartphone user will install over 27 apps per year. Here comes the problem though. Most CPA networks only offer a small handful of apps per country and even then its hit or miss.

At CPAlead, we recognize the importance of having a very diverse inventory of apps and we’ve taken a different strategy. In order to ensure that affiliates make the most money possible from their mobile traffic, we first bring in a very large inventory. Then, we test and curate that inventory to ensure that only the best of the best remain for our affiliates to work with. In fact, CPAlead sees thousands of different mobile apps run through our system each week. Our system then monitors these apps to select only those which are successfully generating a strong ROI and removes the rest. Let’s tie that back to the stats we have. We know that there are a lot of apps to choose from, so we offer thousands per week. Then, we know that people are selective and load 27 apps per year, so we limit the number of apps that we use and only run with those which are successful. Now how does that compare to the average CPA network? Well, the average CPA network gives you a handful of apps. Whatever they happen to have is what you’ll have to work with. If that doesn’t work out for you then tough luck. Not so at CPAlead.

If you’re looking for a large selection of curated apps to help boost your earnings, then there’s only one network for you and that’s CPAlead.

Make More Money With Mobile CPI

App Downloads

By now, its likely that we’ve all heard about how mobile ads are leading the way as far as generating revenue goes. Facebook’s most recent quarterly statement noted that 69% of their overall revenue came from mobile ads while Google has consistently maintained that mobile revenue is critical to their company’s overall welfare. Given that Google and Facebook are the two largest online platforms in the world, that says quite a bit. However, as internet marketers, we want to know how to get a piece of the pie for ourselves. Rather, how should we monetize the mobile traffic that we have?

Answering this question is where things become rather interesting and as you read on, you may be surprised. Essentially, there are two types of ad units in the world of mobile. There are display ads, where revenue is generated an RPM basis (Revenue Per Mille) – which means you get paid a set amount of money for every 1,000 impressions of an ad you display. Then there are CPI ads (Cost Per Install) which are the CPA ad units of the mobile world and payout each time a user installs an application. What may surprise you is that CPI ads grossly outperform display ads. For those of you who work in CPA marketing, this may not be so surprising since it has been established that CPA marketing yields RPM rates that exponentially outperform standard display – the same principles apply in the mobile space.

If That’s The Case, Why Doesn’t Facebook Use CPI ads?

Well, Facebook does use CPI ads. Anytime you see an ad that invites you to try out an app, its a CPI ad. However, Facebook doesn’t have the luxury of narrowing their focus in on the, far more lucrative, CPI model since they would then have to slight many of their large advertising partners who are not looking for an install and simply need branding exposure. Slighting major fortune 500 companies with enormous advertising budgets tends to be a bad idea and Facebook isn’t keen on making poor business decisions, so they tend to use both display and mobile CPI ads instead.

How Does An Internet Marketer or Affiliate Cash In On Mobile CPI?

This is where the fun starts. While Facebook is limited by their size and volume, the rest of us are not. Fortunately, we can leverage mobile CPI, exclusively, to monetize all of our mobile traffic. At we’ve spent the last year focusing on our mobile division and we have built tools that are, singularly, focused on allowing you to generate revenue from mobile CPI ads. A perfect example would be our mobile content locker. The mobile content locker leverages’s advanced tracking platform to detect any and all mobile device and their accompanying operating system. Those users are then presented with a selection of, free to install, apps to try and cannot proceed forward until they do. You, the affiliate / internet marketer, are not only able to customize every visual detail of the mobile content locker, you’re also able to set the amount of mobile CPI apps that your visitors must install in order to proceed. This means that you can guarantee yourself multiple conversions.

How Does This Impact The User Experience and Quality of Leads?

Given that the apps are free to install and that doing so only takes a few moments, the user experience and quality of leads tends to be extremely high. You see, the major issue with lead quality tends to be that users do not engage an ad properly. A user who is faced with a 15 page survey that requires them to submit their e-mail address has a high chance of becoming impatient and entering in bad information. When this happens, lead quality suffers. Conversely, the user experience is harmed by the fact that unlocking content requires such an investment of time. When using a mobile content locker, neither of these items are a problem.

What Data Do We Have to Support Our Case here?

Asides from the phenomenal earnings that mobile content locking users are seeing these days, we also have some general statistics that tell us how receptive the average person is to a mobile CPI ad. Reports show that there were approximately 41 Billion mobile app installs in 2014! That means mobile users went through the mobile CPI ad process 41 Billion times! Given that there are approximately 1.5 billion smartphone users in the world, that means that the average person installs over 27 app installs each year, on their own, without any particular reason or incentive. So, when the average person encounters a mobile content locker and they actually have an incentive to install a few apps, you can understand how mobile content locking with mobile CPI ads is so very lucrative. (see image below)

If you’re interested in leveraging our mobile content locker and suite of tools that are specifically focused on generating revenue from mobile CPI ads. Visit us at where registration is free and approval is fast.

app download stats

Monetize Mobile Content


Being able to monetize mobile content has become increasingly important over the past few years and equally lucrative for those who make the right choices. At and we’ve been working hard to provide you with the right tools, offers and options for monetizing you’re mobile content and we wanted to go over a short list of how to and select the right mobile monetization solution for your content.

First, you need to decide whether its incentive mobile monetization that you’re looking for or non-incentive based. The former would be found within our incentive platform, . The latter would be found within our non-incentive platform, . For incentive mobile monetization, you will be able to use advanced tools like our mobile offer wall which accurately targets visitors based on their operating system and mobile app preference. Within our non-incentive platform, you can leverage the use of our mobile offer wall as an interstitial advertisement or deploy our mobile solutions directly into our application as an in-app mobile monetization solution.

Next, you want to ensure that you’re targeting your visitors properly. As the market moves quickly, many monetization solutions are being left behind due to an inability to keep track of all the new devices which are flooding the marketplace. In fact, most tracking platforms are years old and rarely ever receive any sort of update. An inability to properly track a device means that the system is unable to interpret the visitor and therefore does not show the appropriate ads. An example of this would be receiving traffic from an android device and not showing Android OS based ads or applications. Fortunately, and are one of the very few platforms in the world that make daily tracking code updates to ensure that you’re not missing a single new device whether its iOS based, Android, Windows or even Blackberry. We know that every dollar counts so we cover all of our bases and perfectly track / detect every one of your visitors without fail.

The next step is ensuring that your mobile monetization solution has adequate inventory. After all, you can’t monetize mobile content or any other sort of content unless you have a healthy inventory of ads to present to your visitors. and have you covered here again. We know that options are everything to mobile users and we boast an inventory that includes tens of thousands of apps for all of the major operating systems and platforms. Whether you have traffic in the USA, India, South America, Australia, Europe or anywhere else in the world, we have a great selection of apps for your traffic.

Finally, you want to make sure that the solution you choose to monetize your mobile content is trustworthy and has a history of excellence. After all, you work hard on generating traffic, acquiring users and working in the mobile space, so why accept anything less than the best., the parent company for, has been in business since 2006 and generated over $100,000,000 in revenue while gaining global recognition as leaders in the online monetization space and picking up some very prestigious awards along the way such as the NPGA best company of the year award, Inc. 500 top 50 recognition, Best in State for the category of marketing and many more. Your visitors, users, applications and mobile monetization efforts are in the right hands with us and we want to help you exceed all of your expectations.

Join or today and let us show you how we can monetize your mobile content.

Free High Quality Landing Pages! by CPAlead is giving everyone free high quality landing pages! Our new service will help you with all of your content locking and incentive marketing needs. is the best solution for all things related to content locking. Not only are affiliates being provided with free landing pages, but also free hosting as well. This isn’t something that you can afford to miss out on and there is absolutely no service remotely like this on any other network or within the incentive marketing space!

Free Landing Pages

Our MarketPlace Now Costs FIVE Dollars!

Five Dollar MarketPlace


MarketPlace posts on all CPAlead platforms are down in cost from $25 and now only Five Dollars!

That’s right, your favorite CPA Network has done it again. We’ve dropped the price from $25 down to only $5! This allows you to sell anything, CPA related, that you want to sell in our marketplace. Whether its a template, guide or tool that is of benefit to users, you can sell away in our marketplace. As a result, Affiliates now have many more listings to choose from. No matter what level of affiliate you are, the chances are that you could use some additional tools or templates to help you along your way. When you login to your dashboard, be sure to check out the “Marketplace” and take a look at the various postings.

Our ranking system will help you determine which users have the best reputation and which products may be the best for you.

Login today and start improving your earnings with our scripts, templates, tools and more – all in our new and improved marketplace!


New Themes For

New Themes for

Your content locking, file locking, link locking and mobile app tools are about to undergo a dramatic change!

Ok, maybe not but we have a special announcement for all of our users on by CPAlead. We’ve just released some new themes for the user dashboard. When you log into your dashboard next, you’ll see “Ninja” has been set as your new theme. Ninja blends some new, fresh and vibrant colors into the mix and pairs well with the theme on

You’ll also see Ninja Stealth which introduces some of the darker shades, from, which contrast nicely very nicely.

While we do make a lot of tech and development based announcements, we realize that some small (fun) changes to the user interface can help liven things up for everyone. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them.